Who can I talk to about my value?
An informal interview will be available for property owners who have questions or concerns about the preliminary assessment of their property. The one-on-one interview can be scheduled at a time convenient to the property owner and will take place in Town Hall. You will be provided with a telephone number to call to schedule an interview should one be necessary.

The interview process will be informal and will focus on a discussion of your property. It is important that all of the information presented about your property is accurate. If you feel there are conditions that diminish the market value of your property, the interview is another opportunity to bring those factors to our attention. All appropriate comments will be reviewed and considered to determine if an adjustment is in order.

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1. What is a Revaluation?
2. Why a Revaluation?
3. What are the benefits of a Revaluation to me as a property tax payer?
4. How are the values established?
5. Why an inspection of properties?
6. Doesn't the town have this information on file?
7. What can I expect during a visit by an inspector?
8. How long will an inspection take?
9. Will I be assessed more for my decorating and/or landscaping?
10. What if I am not home?
11. Can I refuse entry to the field inspector?
12. When will your inspectors be in my neighborhood?
13. Can I schedule an appointment in advance?
14. My property has unique conditions which affect its value. What should I do?
15. My home has been inspected. Now what?
16. Why do some homeowners pay more taxes after a revaluation and some pay less?
17. When will I be notified of my new assessment?
18. What are my neighbors' assessed values?
19. Who can I talk to about my value?
20. When will I find out the results from my informal hearing?
21. Is there an official appeal process if I still disagree with my value?
22. Can I have a copy of my appraisal?
23. What is the difference between assessed value and market value?