Bingo, 50 / 50 & Raffle Licenses

It is illegal for any organization to conduct bingo, 50/50, or any kind of a Raffle without a license issued by the Borough of Pompton Lakes.

Any qualified organization who wishes to hold Bingo, 50/50,or other types of raffles, must obtain a State identification certificate issued by Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission prior to submitting an application in the municipality where the games are to be held.

Licensing laws

It is unlawful for any person or business to engage in the following without first obtaining a license:

  • Amusement Devices, Coin-Operated: Chapter 61
  • Entertainment, Public / Billiards Or Poolroom: Chapter 96
  • Peddling, Hawking, Soliciting and Canvassing: Chapter 125
  • Secondhand Precious Metals, Gems and Jewelry Dealers: Chapter 129
  • Street Openings and Excavation: Chapter 161
  • Taxicabs and Limos: Chapter 172
  • Tow Trucks and Wreckers: Chapter 175


Additional Information


 For additional information please contact Municipal Clerk.