Latex Paint Disposal

Latex, also called "water-based," paint is not a hazardous waste and should be disposed of at curbside with the rest of your household waste. Here's how to properly dispose of latex paint:
  1. Make sure the paint can is half full or less. If the can is more than half full, pour the excess into another container like a milk jug, coffee can, or trash bag.
  2. Add clay-based kitty litter or absorbent material, like speedy dry or vermiculite, so that the can is three quarters full.
  3. Stir paint and kitty litter mixtures.
  4. If liquid paint remains, add more kitty litter.
  5. Allow paint and kitty litter mixture to air dry until it is no longer pour-able. This should take approximately one to two days.
  6. Dispose of can in the garbage.

Further Disposal Guidelines

Do not put the lid back on the paint can. Cans will not be picked up by your trash hauler if they can't see that the paint is dry.

Check with your town to see if they will accept empty cans and lids for recycling. If not, they go in the trash.

Oil Based Paint Disposal

Oil based paint is a flammable material. It must be disposed of at a Passaic Couty Household hazardous Waste Disposal Day. Please call 973-881-4506 for more information.
Make sure can is half full or less, add clay based kitty litter or other absorbent material and stir