Squad Training

The Pompton Lake/Riverdale First Aid Squad trains and drills with other emergency agencies including the PLFD, RVFD and CERT whenever possible. Besides our own internal monthly training classes, required to maintain EMT certifications, the squad trains it's members on a crew level basis as well. Each crew practices with the ambulance equipment and goes over protocols regularly.

New Members

New members interested in joining are required to pass the NJ State EMT course, which currently is about 200 hours. In addition there are several classes required for a basic understanding of operations.

Some of these classes include CPR for Health Care Providers, ICS100, 200, NIMS 700, Blood borne Pathogen and Developmental Disabilities training class. Maintaining the NJ State EMT certification requires members to complete 48 Continuing Education Units every three years.


Recent state legislation has passed most of these training costs back to the volunteers themselves and their squads.
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