Tornado Safety Tips


A tornado watch means that weather conditions indicate tornadoes are expected to develop. Listen for further advisories, and stay alert for sudden strong wind, rain, hail, or a funnel-shaped cloud.


A tornado warning means a tornado has actually been sighted or indicated on radar. Take shelter immediately.

Protective Actions


At home, the basement usually offers the best shelter. Get under a sturdy work bench or table. In a home with no basement, take cover in the central part or the lowest floor in a bathroom, a closet, or heavy furniture. Keep some windows open, but stay away from them.


In schools, go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor. Avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums with wide span roofs and areas enclosed with glass.


In office buildings, factories and similar facilities, go to the designated shelter area, not to your parked car.

Open Country

If caught in open country
, move away from the tornado’s path at a right angle. If there is no time to escape, lie flat in the nearest ditch or depression.

Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes are particularly vulnerable to overturning during strong winds, and should be evacuated when strong winds are forecast. (Damage can be minimized by securing mobile homes with proper anchoring and tie-down gear). If there is no shelter nearby, leave the mobile home area for low, protected ground.