Clerk's Office


Activities and duties of the Borough Clerk include:
  • Authors and maintains minute books and all Borough records
  • Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law
  • Maintains records of adopted Borough Ordinances and Local Laws, budgets, petitions, etc.
  • Issues Borough Licenses and Permits
  • Coordinates Primary and General election activities within Borough
  • Prepares agendas and information packets for regular Borough Council meetings

Landlord Registration

As mandated by New Jersey Statute 46:8-28, landlords are required to register residential rental units with the Municipal Clerk in the municipality in which the rental unit is located. Each time there is a change of tenant, a new registration must be filed.

Petitions & Correspondence to the Attention of the Mayor & Council

As Secretary to the Mayor and Council, the Clerk receives and presents all petitions and correspondence to the Governing Body for their information and/or formal action. Examples of activities requiring Mayor and Council permission are:
  • Carnivals, circuses
  • Fund raising activities
  • Hanging of street banners
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Parades
  • Street fairs