Tax Assessor

Brian Townsend is a State certified Assessor who determines the value and tax-ability of all properties in the Borough.

Borough Properties

The ratio to true value for 2014 for Borough properties was 55.05% and the tax rate for 2014 was be determined through the budget process.


The Assessor prepares tax lists for billings, provides information on tax relief programs and approves tax deduction forms for eligible seniors, veterans and disabled residents.

The Assessor also mails assessment postcards to all Borough property owners, inspects improvements to properties that may result in added assessments, and manages reevaluation of all Borough owned properties.

The Assessor field book, SR1As and tax maps are available for public viewing in the office of the Assessor.


Tax appeals on assessments must be filed on or before April 1st of the tax year in question. Forms and instructions are available on Passaic County's website or may be picked up in the office of the Assessor.